Black Hydra HGS-2521

Ω 4 Ohm

Series: Gamma


Низкочастотный динамик HGS-2521 построен в полном соответствии с принципами бескомпромиссных сабвуферов SQ - сочетание сильного «мотора» и легкого диффузора из жесткого целлюлозного композита. Мощная литая рама (корзина) исключает любую возможность появления паразитных звуков даже в экстремальных режимах использования динамика.

The frame of the voice coil is made of black aluminum, which gives additional heat dissipation and avoids the effect of temperature compression - short-term increases in the active impedance of the voice coil winding at the signal peaks and as a consequence, narrowing the dynamic range.

The speaker’s motor, surround and spider are provide a linear movement of the cone within 24 mm with a soft restriction when exiting beyond the operating conditions. This minimizes distortion at normal and at high volume levels and eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage to the speaker when operating in extreme usage modes.

The motor uses ferrite magnets of the highest grade with excellent stability and repeatability of it’s parameters. When you install the speaker in the recommended acoustic enclosure, you get a subwoofer with a fast and accurate response to the signal being transmitted, capable of transmitting not just the power and depth of the bass, but also draw perfect structure of complex bass instruments and can show all the beauty of the bass range.

The speaker`s ability to work in compact acoustics enclosures and installation depth of only 136 mm makes the HGS-2521 an ideal choice not only for installation in a classic enclosures, but also in stealth-enclosures when free space is limited. The optimal power of amplifiers for working with HGS-2521 is around 300-600 Watts.


Size10 inch
Voice coil size2.00 inch
Voice coil wireCCAW
RMS Power230 W
MAX Power450 W
Impedance4 Ohm
SPL84.15 dB
Fs30.78 Hz
Vas23.00 L
Xmeh20.00 mm
Xmax10.00 mm
Mounting depth5.34 inch (135.7 mm)
Cut-out dimension9.49 inch (241.0 mm)
Gross weight14.33 lb (6.50 kg)
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