Avatar SVL-12D1/D2

Ω 1+1 Ohm Ω 2+2 Ohm

Series: Volcano


Volcano Series

Avatar is ready to present another new product – subwoofers of «Volcano» series - the most powerful models with absolute peak power scores!

In this series, as well as in Tsunami series, 4" CCAW VC is used.

This new Monster has a huge ferrite motor, and weighs 33 kg!

This subwoofer can be used in daily systems, easily playing all the crazy tracks, and in competitions systems, showing excellent results!

As before, this sub has properly designed cooling system, durable and lightweight moving system; double stitched lead wires, two NOMEX top spiders, and die-cast aluminum frame that allows achieving incredible power scores up to - 6000 W at peak!

Combination of features and power makes these subwoofers the best in their segment.


ModelSVL-12D1 / SVL-12D2
Size12 inch
Voice coil size4.00 inch
Voice coil wireCCAW
RMS Power3000 W
MAX Power6000 W
Impedance1+1 / 2+2 Ohm
SPL88.00 / 88.00 dB
Fs33.00 / 33.00 Hz
Qts0.40 / 0.40
BL24.50 / 24.50
Vas78.00 / 78.00 L
Xmeh80.00 / 80.00 mm
Xmax40.00 / 40.00 mm
Mounting depth8.98 inch (228.0 mm)
Cut-out dimension11.10 inch (282.0 mm)
Gross weight70.99 lb (32.20 kg)
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