Apocalypse DB-SA318 D1/D2

Ω 1+1 Ohm Ω 2+2 Ohm

Series: Apocalypse


Continuation of the legendary series of high-power subwoofers - the embodiment of our best traditions in the design of competition grade equipment that has absorbed the unique experience of our competitors, champions in the most advanced classes of car audio competitions. Thanks to the improvement of the subwoofers motor, in combination with the use of a new 8-layer voice coil made in USA, it was possible to increase the rated power to 2 800 W RMS and the short-time overload capacity to an impressive 15 000 W. More powerful motor. Double-spaced Nomex centering spiders with a silicone spacer to prevent wear and loss of rigidity of the spiders. 3 inch, 8-layer voice coil (made in USA). High overload capacity.


ModelDB-SA318D1 / DB-SA318D2
Size18 inch
Voice coil size3.00 inch
Voice coil wireAlu
RMS Power2800 W
MAX Power5600 W
Impedance1+1 / 2+2 Ohm
SPL89.00 / 89.00 dB
Fs29.00 / 29.00 Hz
Qts0.56 / 0.56
BL28.00 / 28.00
Re0.7+0.7 / 1.4+1.4
Vas176.00 / 176.00 L
Xmeh56.00 / 56.00 mm
Xmax28.00 / 28.00 mm
Mounting depth12.09 inch (307.0 mm)
Cut-out dimension16.90 inch (429.3 mm)
Gross weight76.72 lb (34.80 kg)
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