Apocalypse DB-SA2712 D1/D2

Ω 2+2 Ohm Ω 1+1 Ohm

Series: Apocalypse


When designing this series of subwoofers, we set ourselves the task of "squeezing the maximum out of the minimum" - i.e. to obtain maximum efficiency and endurance at relatively small weight and size dimensions of the magnetic system. The result turned out to be famous - with a motor assembled on two 200mm size ferrite rings and a voice coil size of just 2.75" our sturdy are able to withstand long-term bullying at 1700W. Thanks to a lightweight moving system and at the same time low resonance frequency, it is able to successfully playback any musical material, whether it be low bass of rap or fast and energetic bass of dubstep genre.Due to their high sensitivity and incredible endurance. Deaf Bonce subwoofers of the 27XX series are ready for extreme work in top-level competitive SPL systems and will be able to "fight without losses" and win in the top musical classes of the SPL competitions.


ModelDB-SA2712D2 / DB-SA2712D1
Size12 inch
Voice coil size2.75 inch
Voice coil wireAlu
RMS Power1700 W
MAX Power3400 W
Impedance2+2 / 1+1 Ohm
SPL86.00 / 86.00 dB
Fs33.00 / 33.00 Hz
Qts0.40 / 0.40
BL20.30 / 20.30
Re1.4+1.4 / 0.7+0.7
Vas41.00 / 41.00 L
Xmeh36.00 / 36.00 mm
Xmax18.00 / 18.00 mm
Mounting depth6.56 inch (166.5 mm)
Cut-out dimension11.00 inch (279.3 mm)
Gross weight38.80 lb (17.60 kg)
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