Opel Astra GTC aka Яндекс.Такси

Владелец: Виталик Криштопин

Головное устройство:

  • Pioneer AVH-5800


  • Hannibal HLG-25NEO
  • Deaf Bonce DB-MX80


  • Machete M84
  • Deaf Bonce DB-OGO 2500.1D
  • Apocalypse AAB-7800.1D

Сабвуферное звено:

  • Deaf Bonce 418


  • Литий WB 240 а/ч
  • Exide EK 1000

Oct. 1, 2018

March 21, 2017


A new range of amplifiers Deaf Bonce Apocalypse – is a crazy power in a compact case

March 23, 2017 #

Review, unpacking and listening to Deaf Bonce DB-MX60

Ready to present you new midrange speaker Deaf Bonce DB-MX60 - the loudest speaker among ferrite ones! (of the same type and size) More loudness, more durability, more sound quality!

March 24, 2017 #

New season - new products! Deaf Bonce DB-MX60 and DB-MX80

For those who wants to upgrade their system or who did not yet choose the components! Ready to present you two new midrange speakers (16 and 20 cm)