Counterfeit Warning

Please be aware that Deaf Bonce has discovered counterfeit sets of AP-M81A

Being sold on unauthorized websites and Turkish markets.

Please be aware AP-M81A was discontinued since 2022.

The easiest way to identify this fake products is:

  1. Different color and font size on the box, different serial number shape with different font.
  2. Different color, material and stamping of the cone. In the fake sample, the cone has a deeper embossing and a gray color. In the original, the color is darker. The color of the logo on the dust cap in the fake sample is brighter. The surround in the fake sample is very soft, unlike the original. And the top spider in the fake model, on the contrary, is more rigid than in the original.
  3. The gasket differs in shape and size. The logo also has a different size, in the original 31 x 7 mm, in the fake model 26 x 7 mm.
  4. The frames are very similar in shape to the original ones, but the DB logo is not clear in the fake model, the original frame has a matte black anti-resonance coating, in the fake sample it is glossy, black.
  5. Magnetic systems are very similar in shape, assembled on the basis of 140 x 20 mm ferrite. The stickers on T-Yoke differ in color and font type. Serial numbers on magnetic systems differ in shape, type and font size. In the original, the sticker with the serial number has dimensions: 40 x 10, in the fake model: 30 x 15 mm.
  6. Terminals with a logo are also different, the terminal itself is slightly larger in a fake: 33 x 12 x13 mm, in the original: 32 x 12 x 12 mm. The size of the logo on the fake terminal: 27 x 6 mm, in the original 23 x 5 mm.
  7. The warranty card is printed on a regular A4 sheet, the original paper is glossy.

In order to avoid encountering fake products, only purchase from Authorized Deaf Bonce dealer.

Sept. 15, 2023

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