Apocalypse AP-M60A v2

Ω 4 Ohm

Series: Apocalypse
Package Quantity: Pair


Extremely loud with unprecedented sound quality!

A wide frequency response range, natural sound and extreme loudness - it was these criteria that guided Alphard Group engineers in the development of these speakers.

The heart of the AP-M60A V2 is the most powerful based on ferrite motor, which, combined with a unique and lightweight moving system, provided record-breaking technical specifications and as a result the best sound quality in the class of extremely loud speakers!

We have managed to achieve the widest frequency response range from 100 to 14 000 Hz and the highest sensitivity of 102 dB, which was previously only available for speakers based on neodymium motors.

مشخصات فنی

مدلAP-M60A v2
تایپ کنیدMidrange
اندازه6.5 inch
پاسخ فرکانس100 - 14000 Hz
Package quantityPair
Voice coil size1.50 inch
آهن ربافریت
RMS Power200 W
MAX Power400 W
امپدانس4 Ohm
SPL102.00 dB
Fs108.00 Hz
Vas7.14 L
وزن ناخالص14.99 lb (6.80 kg)
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