Machete Sport M15 v2 D1/D2

Ω 2+2 Ohm Ω 1+1 Ohm

Серия: Machete


Machete Sport series subwoofers became true legend immediately after entering the market, earning the trust of users due to the excellent price to performance ratio that allow to use these subwoofers in vast majority of car audio systems.

However, progress does not stand still, and even such well-balanced products needs modernization.

At the design stage, we applied a fundamentally new approach in a number of key result areas - we focused on increasing endurance under extreme operating conditions and creating a more powerful and efficient magnetic system.

All of this made it possible to achieve not just an upgrade, but to get a fundamentally new product - Machete Sport v2.

In comparison with its predecessor, the efficiency of the upgraded motor increased by 30%, subwoofer rated power increased from 750 W to 950 W!


МоделM15 v2 D2 Sport / M15 v2 D1 Sport
Размер15 inch
Размер на гласовата намотка2,75 inch
Тел с гласова бобинаCopper
RMS Power950 W
MAX Power1900 W
Импеданс2+2 / 1+1 Ohm
SPL91,00 / 91,00 dB
Fs31,60 / 31,60 Hz
Qts0,51 / 0,51
BL26,10 / 26,10
Re0,8+0,8 / 0,8+0,8
Vas58,12 / 58,12 L
Xmeh32,00 / 32,00 mm
Xmax16,00 / 16,00 mm
Mounting depth7,52 inch (191,0 mm)
Cut-out dimension13,95 inch (354,4 mm)
Брутно тегло26,90 lb (12,20 kg)
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