Apocalypse AP-T25 NEO

Ω 4 Ohm

Серия: Apocalypse
Количество на опаковката: Pair


Impressive balance and incredibly loud sound. The design feature demonstrates the signature sound of Deaf Bonce products, which means that these high-frequency speakers are capable of shocking the listener with an extremely loud and piercing sound, wherein the sound quality will not be lost even at the maximum volume levels. The combination of the speaker’s horn opening with the shape and size of the phase-equalizing bullet, in conjunction with the magnetic system built with use of high-grade neodymium magnets, allowed to achieve the widest possible directional pattern and high efficiency at all frequency response range.


МоделAP-T25 NEO
Честотен спектър4000 - 20000 Hz
Package quantityPair
Размер на гласовата намотка1,00"
RMS Power45 W
MAX Power90 W
Импеданс4 Ohm
SPL102,00 dB
Mounting depth2,09" (53,0 mm)
Cut-out dimension2,48" (63,0 mm)
Брутно тегло2,20 lb (1,00 kg)
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