Apocalypse AAB-19800.1D

Series: Apocalypse


Tremendous power in a compact case!

Unique expertise and technology of two major brands (Alphard Group & SounDigital) embodied in perfect products, the owners of which will have an undeniable advantage over rivals. Deaf Bonce Apocalypse – the personification of unlimited power, formidable weapon of victory was created for those who got used to win, to be the absolute leader. High efficiency over 80% will significantly save your battery power. Versatility of use due to the wide frequency response range of 5 – 500 Hz and impeccable control over the speaker. The use of IGBT transistors. Compact size. Ability to work at extremely low voltages starting from 9V DC. The huge heatsink area that allows you to forget about overheating.


Number of the channels1
Frequency response5 - 500 Hz
1 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V)19800 W
1 Ohm RMS Power (12 V)17900 W
2 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V)11500 W
4 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V)6000 W
Minimum permissible load on the channel1 Ohm
Input SPL0.5 - 8 V
Low pass filter80 - 500 Hz
High pass filter5 - 30 Hz
Crossover12 dB/Oct
Bass frequency adjustment35 - 55 Hz
Input terminal0 Ga x 4
Output terminal4 Ga
Damping factor≥ 1000
Fuse rating350 A x 4
Working voltage10 - 15 V
Signal-to-noise ratio≥ 91 dB
Size (W×L×H)33.48 × 9.72 × 2.91 inch
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